Four Song EP

by the tidal sleep

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we have not been a band for a long time.
lots of things are still kind of an experiment.
we've been playing shows all year, and still we found the time to write new songs.
we talked about possible concepts, about possible releases.
and at a certain point, we just started recording.
so, here is our new ep.


released September 21, 2012

we recorded the record with lewis johns at gottesweg studio in cologne.
he's a good friend and an amazing engineer. we caused him more than one sleepless night, and we are forever grateful
for his enthusiasm and his work ethic. tony james has been a huge help during those three days. thanks so much!
nicolas recently moved to berlin, and christoph from kadaver recorded vocals in their rehearsal room/ studio. it turned out real cool.
benny druckwelle, the designer that did most of our artworks, stunned us with an amazing and beautiful concept. again. benny, you can always design and sell our merch. you can always chrash our houses. you have a special place in our hearts.
chris at thischarmingmanrecords is an amazing label boss. he loves what he's doing, he loves the bands he releases.
once again he gave us pretty much everything we asked for, and dealt with our lack of professionalism in the coolest way possible. we love you, homie.
dan coutand again did a great job mastering the album at sunroom mastering. this guy just knows what he's doing.
much love and respect.
thanks to nanouk at avocado booking who made it possible for us to play amazing shows. we had a fantastic summer!
once again, from the bottom of our hearts: it's wonderful to have supportive and loving friends. we're not going to drop names here. you know who you are!
xoxo - armin, nicolas, oliver, thomas - the tidal sleep



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Track Name: Defeated Lips
and then it was night
black waves of depression
rolling and crashing over you
like a hail storm made of sharpened knives
can you see the gaps between my fingers
it's running and leaking through my hands
the time, this day, this week, this year
the thoughts and hopes and ends I fear
the job, the house, the kids and wife
the pain and struggle of being alive
are we alive? are we there yet?
there is a difference
that's always been there
your and me between the gasping
and the breathing
between the anxious
and the fulfilling
are we fulfilling it?
are we there yet?
so hold my breath
and I hold yours
choke my words and cut my throat
when we light the torch and run
do we ever consider
that we won't find our way back?
as soon as the fire fades
we will have nothing left
to ignite this life again and bring the fire back
(the calm or the dead
an arm for a leg
the cold or the cancer
the stiff and the dancers)
the good or the bad
never done wrong and never went back
stayed at the place, where they once met
home is home is home
Track Name: Kissing Clocks
a breath as heavy as a fall
from the top of our lungs
onto the ledge of a crumbling concrete wall
there's this fine line between heaven and hell
and the difference between the teller and the tale
a story in the mist of its misleading actors
with snake heads and forked tongues
black souls and black lungs with sore throats and calm hands
cold sweat and those dead friends
I rather watch you sink
'cause sand runs faster than you think
even if it's caught in a glass
it still rules you
lights on, minds off
tangled up in the curtains red
when the director pulls the rope
your turn the rope into a thread
your turn the bow into a fall
break through the stage no curtain calls
I am tangled up in you, you're tangled up in me
we're tangled up like fools, when we could be so free
what is it that you fear?
is it the same things that I'm going through?
is it our age that's haunting us, or do you
believe the time
will break us both in two
and time has no excuse
for the things it will do
stop complaining
shake up and shake free
and burn your burdens
with all your hopes and fears and dreams
Track Name: Frozen Mouth
I think too much
I try to recreate
and if you bare with me long enough
I Might forget, I might forget
all the things I said I will remind myself
with every scar
and every note
and all those pains
straight to the bones
I always wanted to destroy but than again
I rather tried to deploy
a thought
as a seed that grows
the tallest tree
a wood as green
as hope could ever be
because if you try to change,
you don't accept
but if you let it slide
you'll might regret, you'll might regret
that tingling under your skin
that word on your tongue
that tastes like the embers
I will surley burn and explode
levitate as ghosts and fail
like the blueprints were too unreal
I thing too much
I try to recreate
and if you bare with me long enough
I will forget, I will forget
Track Name: Failures/Off
we are caught by a thought that holds fast
onto a grain of resistance in our heads
and when we're cought in a beam of light
we try to escape into either black or white
the world is more than this
there is more to it
even the colorblind
can spot a gradient
between black and white
between black and blue
between stories told
between lies and truth
let me sink to my knees
and let me burn bright
let me light up the city
and let me light up the night
"I am an architect,
I sketched a world,
that's supposed to be,
everything I wanted,
but it turned out to be
everything I hate"
when reality get's conquered
and has to vacate a feeling
that used to be real and had some kind of meaning
then tell me: what's the point of living
if life isn't waht we're feeling
rituals that are meant to perpetuate, hold and manifest a habit
in a cosy but fake habitat
I predict: you will fail
"I am an architect,
I sketched a world,
that's supposed to be,
everything I wanted,
but it turned out to be
everything I hate
and something I'll never need"