Split w​/​Orbit The Earth

by the tidal sleep

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We knew the guys involved in ORBIT THE EARTH, but we actually met their 'new band' in early 2013 - and were simply blown away when we saw them play. In late '13 we managed to play a mini tour with these fellas, and somehow came up with the idea of releasing a split record. Fast-forward to early '15 - the album is finally out. A lot has happenend for both bands in '14, both personally and musically. And i guess this album is a display of progress and a promise for things to come.

Again all this would not have been possible without the huge help of the following people - thanks to :
Chris and Jens who recorded everything at RAMA, Jack who mixed and mastered at Atomic Garden, Dimi who recorded vocals with Ron at Hellvis Pressplay, Benny Druckwelle and Matthias Lackus for creating another fantastic artwork, and Weini for being the cool record mogul he is.

Much love!
Armin, Marc, Matthias, Nicolas, Thomas
The Tidal Sleep


released April 10, 2015



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Track Name: The Tidal Sleep - The Valley Dweller
There’s a burst full of memories.
And a piece full of tragedies.
It takes courage and a broken heart,
to destroy all of this part by part.
I think we hit the ground.
Because it doesn't feel like flying anymore.
And to be honest the last bit felt more like falling, falling forward.
Into the irrelevant.
Into this.
I had a dream about this.
I had a dream about us.
I had a déjà vu in the middle of a crash.
Now I need to stomach some well known facts.
The highest heights became the lowest lows.
Rotten mass mistaken for gold.
You’ve lost your grasp on reality.
We’re going through the whole rigmarole again.
You don’t care, so i don’t care.
Falling forward.
Into the irrelevant.
Into this.
And since day one we were bound to an oath.
For aught I know it didn’t work out.
And we keep hitting the ground just for that special soothing sound.
That’s still ringing loud in my ears.
That’s still tingling my fears.
And turning into white noise in a room full of strangers.
I want to be deaf and blind.
I want to lose hearing and sight.
All the collisions we tried to avoid.
All the illusions and daydreams we fueled
We were colliding.
And dodging the facts which kept swinging back.
And fixing the fractures that kept getting cracks.
Track Name: The Tidal Sleep - The Calumet
Here's a request I have:
I would like to trade my tiredness for rest.
And since shutting my eyes is no help to that.
I should ask for the silence which everyone deserves.
You should pardon my ignorance, when your arrogance is bliss.
I try to focus on your reasons and their meanings.
Until you are finally ready.
I have nothing left to say.
And I'll save my thoughts for the season,
when you finally come clean with yourself.
My words are dwelling on my tongue.
Resting for the fight that’s about to come.
Preparing for a battle that I’ve already won.
That you’ve already lost before it even begun.
A well deserved fix.
A quick nap to recover.
A short break to regain the power.
A helping friend to escape the sorrow.
And I’ll be back, we'll all be back tomorrow.
Well, will we be back tomorrow?
And you still try to explain all the stuff you don't even understand yourself.
Still reading from those notes written in invisible ink.
And sadly you've put so much pressure on that pen.
That when you are finally ready to turn the page.
You have to read everything all over again.
Let’s start from scratch.
But this time without mistakes.
And on the fork of failing, you will choose the right path.
And on the edge of defeat, you'll now choose to prevail.
We’re what we want to be, not what we’re told to be.
My words are dwelling on my tongue.
Resting for the fight that’s about to come.
Preparing for a battle that I’ve already won.
This is your chance!
Grab it by the neck!
Drag it through the water!
And take back what’s yours!
Track Name: The Tidal Sleep - The Descent
No one is satisfied.
No one's eased at mind.
All those parallels between darkness and light.
I can’t complain.
But I will find a way.
And you can't refrain from carving out what keeps caving in.
And instead of lighting up the skies.
We lead the birds into the sun.
To see the night turn into nothing.
No one’s ever satisfied with what we can spare.
We’re the same but are so different now.
Our shared thought’s: oxymorons, oxymora.
We are nowhere close to what we could have become.
We are rather close to being the farthest we’ve been yet from living.
There’s no place left to ruin.
There’s no life left to run from.
This is our last chance.
And life ends here now.
And the lights go out.
You’re so full of life.
You throw up with a smile.
Track Name: The Tidal Sleep - Fading Transmission
fading transmission
decaying waves scattering
nonsensical movement
the message gets spread

fading transmission
decaying waves scattering
along numerous nuisances
the message gets spread
(to other receivers instead)
(to other receivers instead)

fading transmission
fading transmission

fading transmission
decaying waves scattering
fading transmission
decaying waves scattering
fading transmission
decaying waves scattering
fading transmission
decaying waves scattering