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by the tidal sleep

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Bandages 02:55
I‘m standing in the hospital gate I stare through my hands onto my feet and the electric sliding doors they keep hitting my head I feel nothing all is numb giving me regrets is everything it‘s ever done I wish we had this one last talk it would‘ve been the best way to part come on tell me to move on cause I need to dare this next step so I can be back in my head now I feel everything I‘m standing in the hospital gate and I am still staring
Spills 02:38
We replace our old lovers by new heart breaks we hold onto each other as long as the time grants it to keep that memory that we‘re just not able to replace for as long as it makes us feel safe every time you flush your thoughts down the drain they keep swimming back up again keep connecting with long lost memories and still remembering them the most precious thing you have and it‘s so hard to drown yourself when the next breath is imminent breathing is a reflex and your lungs keep begging for their fix for this air for their fix that was due last year when two entwined bodies turn to none their synced heartbeats both gone this ain’t passion this ain’t lust this is failing while fighting for trust this ain’t touching this ain’t love this is believing while foreseeing the loss so we dash down cliffs of sorrow into the sheltering arms of tomorrow the safety belt across your chest is keeping safe what might get smashed some holy ghosts above our heads are looking out to prevent the crash prevent our…
Words 04:13
We have no worries and time won‘t pass tomorrow devours our past and the future feeds us with something that will hold and last wait for us they said wait for me until the end what if we end up in regrets how can we protect ourselves a lighthouse guides us the way my dear to places calm and peaceful where we have no worries and time won’t pass where we can be as one at last until the end what happened is not to be changed embrace what you have gained freedom from the chains and shackles from your legs your words are worth the time your words are worth the while it is your voice that keeps me calm
Sogas 03:51
Cuando me hago consciente la soga de las dudas se ha tensado demasiado con los años cómo decir que incluso desde el futuro más brillante el presente siempre parece nublado all this time I tried to cut the line hoping for some relief I might never find leave behind a conversation let it pass without a comment I tried too hard all across these islands I hold the curse calm and personal I dropped the violets in severe violence how could you be like this in silence not a word to say you choke on words you phrase I don‘t know how to communicate I feel insecure in so many ways not to talk is easier anyway with my back against the wall it gets worse with a billion words rushing through my mind and head but stuck on my tongue I‘m stuck on the wall your assumptions all wrong me cuesta tanto comunicarme no estoy seguro no estoy seguro guardar silencio siempre se me dio mejor aunque quede sin salida siempre contra la pared tengo demasiadas palabras en la mente guardo demasiado en la punta de la lengua voy a seguir sonriendo contra la pared bajo la lluvia de conjeturas
Hearses 03:46
Black cars with tinted glass dull noise and streets ahead where am I bright lights through tunnel cracks sharp sounds from railroad tracks where the hell am I and the water keeps on flowing to wherever it wants to flow and these roots keep on growing until they hit concrete walls bodies passing parents gasping glasses clashing fragments snapping what the hell actually happened this was worse than I expected on the verge of the end I hold my breath again this is more than expected and on the verge of the end I will hold my breath again where are you
Undertows 02:48
We‘re on the way not the best way to stay on course this ship weighs way too much seasick from the start homesick in our hearts all loved ones left behind travels on borrowed time we don‘t fear at all what‘s ahead we won‘t break like wooden sticks anchors will fall down the abyss soaks them in the darkness holds them close forever locked up and in true north straight ahead I‘ll sink this ship with all men on deck I fought my way home again and now is close but where is when the moon is down the sea rolls in just a nice thought to hold your heart and sink it here such a nice thought to hold your heart and sink it here
Poisons 03:08
I took roots in poisoned soil and drained the fields from all their fears I resorbed the pain from every seed that used to sit there I crushed my helplessness which they assigned to me just to find out I was blinded all these years not able to see not able to hear not able to find what everyone feared I can‘t help but wonder why this can‘t change in close time I am trying to face my inner fears just so you know I tried this year I can see it‘s complicated but never thought it felt off you now breathe free and easy because I just gave up now I hold a bit of that feeling In both my hands then pour a glass of water in an ocean full of sand what would it feel like what could I feel maybe the exact same feeling I was hunting down for years will we ever be the same I can see it all so clear it hasn’t been like this in years who had thought that the end of you and me was at arm‘s length I can see it all now I can see it all what if we just call the end of you and me to make us all feel free what if we just call once and for all the end of all things good we just pretend to feel
Collapses 03:18
You want to avoid the cuts when overthinking finally works out for both of us there are valleys so deep and dark where it‘s way to easy to lose your path while you dream you wish and walk you stumble you stutter you fall apart what if we think this through cut connecting wires in two you‘ve climbed the mountain top yes you crossed the peak but stopped then you slipped and started to slide and all of a sudden the fall turned into a dive it‘s not that I can‘t it‘s just that I won‘t like a fist swinging high and back down to the floor I am not the same I used to be a worried man in chains it‘s not the way I felt but you seem to cross my mind again
Changes 02:40
Heat tar and the shimmer the sun the sounds no limits wild hair in the summer the suburbs in the winter we grew colder with the fingers of a saint I sank into your skin a bite mark on the neck a whisper from within don’t you worry ever caught in your web of lies and misconceptions the break is straight ahead and I am still the victim like a moth to light like a fly to the glass everything in the favor of everything that you ask we hardly know each other shake hands and be polite with painted on smiles I am tough I won’t fight so sorry but I won‘t change one word I’m still trying to find a metaphor for what matters most in life one word that describes you and I how and why I am your second skin your protective film and beyond the words said I will leave to take my chances
Wreckages 02:42
I am all afloat and safe under your starlight‘s gaze sails set for new shores feet steady on the planks fingers cling into the wheel no jolt 
will break me no wave will shipwreck me these anchors I won‘t need all destinations done no harbor that I want no safe harbors at all weigh me down hold my head under water and I‘ll hold my breath what feels like „I‘m alright“ turns out to be a lie you will never quite arrive or learn how to conquer time
Footsteps 05:10
Not to worry is the most common habit we never have I wish to share more of this with you and everyone around me that matters more than a handshake to me like you a raft in a stormy tide my brightest torch in the darkest night but I rather choose to do all of this for myself I will include you in this story before I decide to break the circle and yes please grab my hand and I promise you to hold fast onto it before I let go the stakes were just too high win you and lose whats mine a life with no content a life so hard and bent a life so beautiful and everything I wanted back then who knows if this had fixed the hole you had inside the hole I loved so much that made you what you are and made me break in to your house every night thousands of footsteps are no constant in this sand whilst in concrete forever they could be as some pretend but even the most stable foundation has it cracks so every breaking wave will rinse those footprints devours you and me and a bunch of memories holds fast onto us and carries us with the currents back to sea though we hold us tight wrapped in our arms while we twist and whirl we will freeze forever well at least as long as we can feel I couldn‘t stand her smile the pain she shared with you her place taking my place that wasn‘t mine to loose there‘s nothing I had claimed nothing that I dare choose I didn‘t want it filled I wanted you in the dark in greys and browns and golds blending out my spark wanting me to be the only thing that makes you smile no hurting sound in my head no voice that‘s left in my head no more regrets enough I had


Life is crazy. In 2011 we started this band, and now we are releasing another record in 2017. No one could imagine where the path would lead us. We didn‘t know what to expect. We just always did what we enjoyed most – write music.

So here we are. This is our sixth release. Still doing this with the same phenomenal label boss, Christian Weinrich at This Charming Man Records. Thank you for your never ending belief and support in us! Much love! This record took us a while. It was a test. We had to master patience, be willing to compromise, push the boundaries of our own skills and actually record these songs while juggling with real life issues. We are beyond grateful that we can still rehearse, record songs and be on tour. This wouldn’t be possible without the support, love and understanding from our families and loved ones. Thank you. You are amazing!

To you, the listener: thank you for your interest in our music. It means everything to us!

We recorded this album with Christian Bethge and Jens Siefert at Rama Studio in November and December of 2016. Vocals were recorded by Dimi Conidas at his mixing/mastering studio in January and February 2017. He also mixed the album with knowledge and passion. Thanks for making it sound awesome! Christian Bethge mastered the album at Rama Studio. And most importantly he was always there for us. Without his huge input and help this album would not have happened! Additional vocals by Linda and Cándido. Thanks for your unique input! The concept, layout and artwork were done by our guitarist Matthias Lackus. All songs performed and written by The Tidal Sleep. All lyrics written by Nicolas Bonifer.

Thank you Alex and everyone at Holy Roar Records for taking part in this adventure, and releasing this album in the uk. Thank you Kimi at Tokyo Jupiter Records for putting out the album in Japan. Glad to be a part of your amazing label!

March 2017 xoxo
Armin, Marc, Matthias, Nicolas & Thomas


released May 29, 2017


all rights reserved



the tidal sleep Germany


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